Saturday, March 15, 2008


I threw myself a birthday party tonight. It was fun. 8 interesting women joined me, most of whom did not know each other. There were lively conversations in all corners of the house. Then when we all ended up in one room eating, we covered such topics as:
*political wives and the choices we all make behind closed doors about the public faces we will present
*the choice/circumstances to remain childless
*what kids are down-loading on their ipods
*at what age we began drinking (ranged from 12 to 21)
*the age at which someone first kissed our breasts (ranged from 14 to 32)
*the last time someone kissed our breasts ...

OK, that last one was just me. Feeling sorry for myself. Anyhoo ...

Other fun birthday parties I remember:

Age 5 -- my first big party with hats, games and lots of friends. I still love the photos from that one -- I graduated from high school with everyone who came to that party. Isn't that wild? Small town midwest America.

Age 12-ish? A taffy pull. Probably my favorite childhood birthday party.

Age 21 -- no party, but I was on a work-camp in Jamaica on spring break from my jr. year in college.

Age 35 -- again, no party, but finally pregnant and happy as a lark.


Celular said...
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Diane said...

I think that throwing yourself a birthday party is a good idea.

sounds like yours was a good mix!

pj said...

That sounds like a great party. I would have loved to be there! Maybe I'll do a girls-only one for my next one.

lj said...

I can imagine what it would have been like with the two of you there, too!

But what about the taffy pull? Didn't that sound like fun?

Diane said...

I have never experienced a taffy pull. I will have to take your word for it.

This gets me thinking about birthday parties. mine is coming up in april....

eileen said...

Damn LJ - I missed your birthday - but I left you a little gift over at my place..hope you like.

pj said...

I've never experienced a taffy pull either. My teeth ache in antici-pation. :)

lj said...

Diane and PJ, maybe it's a southern thing? I was midwestern, but it was my mom's idea. Anyway, it's this big team effort, because while the taffy is a certain temperature, you have to keep pulling and stretching it across the room, partners backing up until they run into walls. It was fun. And tasty.

I always used to have angel food cake for my birthdays. This year I had gluten-free carrot cake at one party and flourless molten lava chocolate at another. Both, to DIE for. yummy.

Eileen, I love you. You know just what a girl needs.

Jan said...


Ruth said...

I just tagged you to play the Presbyterian Meme, over at Bruce Reyes-Chow website.. . YOu're it!