Saturday, June 7, 2008

Go, Hillary!

Well, I'm inspired to break my two-month fast from blogging today because of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her powerful and gracious concession speech.  I watched it start to finish and was moved to tears throughout.  Unlike many people who got more angry the longer she stayed in the race, I found myself growing in admiration for her spunk.  Those of you who have read my blog in the past know that Hillary was never one of my top choices for Democratic nominee.   The war in Iraq was high on my list of reasons.  Along with that were my concern that she is too much of a Washington insider to think in new ways about our country and its needs and that she is too much of a savvy politician to stick to strong progressive stances in spite of opposition. 

Nonetheless, as a woman, a mother and a feminist, I am delighted that she did as well as she did.  By staying in the race she did, as she said today, put 18 million cracks in that glass ceiling leading to the White House.   She accomplished, as she said, the remarkable task of making it unremarkable that future women will be considered true contenders in such a race.   Hillary Clinton is a brilliant woman, an inspired politician, and a great leader for our country.  I believe that she will continue to be so in whatever the next role for her turns out to be.  And I sincerely hope it is a significant one.  

I am grateful that she came out so strongly and clearly for Obama and for the Democratic party. Good for her.  In the coming months, may her followers be as clear and gracious as she was today.


pj said...

Yes. Exactly. Exactly.

I'm linking to this, madam.

Madam President. :)

lj said...

Thanks, PJ. I love approval.

Jane R said...

Oh, excellent, lj. Thank you.



Diane said...

thank you thank you for this.
and for breaking for your blogging fast for it.

Grandmère Mimi said...

LJ, it was a grand speech. She gave her supporters and the rest of us (I was not a fan towards the end) what we needed, and she ended her campaign with great class.

The Democrats made history with a woman and a black man left standing in the contest at the end. A woman for president will never seem an impossibility again, thanks to Hillary Clinton.

eileen said...

Applauds your thoughts on this.

Hillie was never a fav of mine either, basically for the reasons you stated, but, I love those 18 million cracks! I love what her run for the nomination means to us as a nation!