Thursday, July 19, 2007

Now I Feel Sick-O

Just saw Sick-O. I was working on my personal budget today and since I'm now living paycheck to paycheck, this budget really has to be followed. When I added up what I spend monthly on health insurance and then paying for the therapy, medication and so forth my health insurance doesn't cover and thought about what I could be doing with all that money if I lived in Canada, England, France, Cuba or pretty much anywhere else in the civilized world, I got quite depressed. Great. Now I'll need more therapy and medication that my health insurance won't cover.


pj said...

I honestly don't know why we're not marching in the street about this. Are we too worn down? Have they convinced us that we're powerless?

Jan said...

I must see that movie. . . thanks. Ask yourself: "Am I safe right now?" (yes) "Who is in charge?" (God)

Grandmère Mimi said...

LJ, you're right, It's a bitch. I don't know why we're not in the streets either, PJ.