Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Diary Dots

*I have felt too tired to write most nights recently and nights are the only time I have in my schedule any more. But I think of my blog-land friends every night, whether I'm commenting or not.
*I have the coolest kid. A nine year old boy who knits and throws pots and does martial arts and loves to read and do math and build things and who is beginning (finally!) to show some interest in music. A kid who loves his heelies and new hiking boots (I missed sized 4 completely -- all his shoes were size 3 and it occurred to me he probably needed new ones -- yes, he is now size 5). He, like all young males, cannot go a day without extensive potty and body function language, but he also lets me snuggle with him in bed and cover him in kisses.
*The Bush countdown to the right is going very slowly, though I don't really hold out huge hope for these next elections anyway. But the countdown that really matters to me -- weeks until my boss is no longer my boss and I get to be the boss -- is seven and the last one we'll be on vacation, so really six. Yee-haw!
*Things I love about this town: the Film Festival and the Studio Stroll, both of which happened this past weekend.
*Things I love about this neighborhood: the neighborhood DVD store and the neighborhood coffeehouse and the neighborhood pub and the neighborhood pizza joint.
*I get to have dinner with my folks every week. For 26 years, we saw each other a couple of times each year. Now it's at least once a week. And my mom is a great cook and a lovely hostess, so that's a bonus. And they have a great view of the mountains off their deck, double bonus.
*In an attempt to be more social, I got off my back-end and made plans with five different friends over the next two weeks. Hallelujah, I have a social life! At least for two weeks.
*I can't complain, but sometimes I still do. Life's been good to me so far.


Diane said...

It's really good to hear from you in your busy life...

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Yay! This is all excellent news. Especially the you-get-to-be-the-boss news and the fact that you have plans. :-)

jledmiston said...

So glad there are such awesome things to love (including your boy). Miss you.

pj said...

Well, I just tried to leave a 3-paragraph comment, but Blogger hosed it. Here's the abbreviated version:

1) Congratulations, almost-boss!

2) Little boys: fart jokes 24/7

3) Asheville = very cool :)

Kirstin said...

This post made me smile. Thank you. :-)

Jan said...

So nice to hear from you again. You sound busy and happy.

lj said...

Thanks, all. So nice to hear from each of you. Just because I haven't been commenting much doesn't mean I haven't been reading. I read and send virtual smiles your way.

PJ, the other possibility is to leave 3 comments, one paragraph each. Then it looks like I have more friends than I actually do. As for your second point, I learned yesterday that while the old stand-by "cutting the cheese" still refers to farting, if one "slices the cheese" that is apparently taking a dump and if one "grates the cheese" one has the runs, shall we say. Who knew?

Diane said...

re: your second paragraph, I come here to learn. (who knew?)

and I'm revisiting to let you know I'm especially glad about the "boss" news, although it's always nice to hear fun things about the boy, as well.

pj said...

LJ, thank you for your informed comment on all things fromage. My appetite for dairy product is greatly diminished at this point.

johnieb said...

What, you have trouble eating through all this? Some stuff will put a body off her vittles, and that's a fact.

Ashville, hmmm. Do I really want a warmer climate? Does it make any sense to look into it? Or do I just have itchy feet?

Grandmère Mimi said...

LJ, lots and lots of good news, especially about your boss. Your son sounds a great kid. And in seven weeks, you da boss. Yay!

I answered your question about the name of the university from NC at my blog, and there's a funny story connected with it so do go read it.

Good to have you writing and visiting around again.