Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wait, Wait!

OK, folks, tune in to your favorite public radio station Saturday to hear this week's game of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" See if you can guess which of those laughs is mine. I just got home from watching the show taped in front of a live audience here in beautiful -- CHILLY -- downtown Asheville. (The show is normally taped in Chicago and apparently they brought their weather with them.)

Paula Poundstone is fricking hilarious. I haven't laughed that long and that hard in ages. Nobody looks like I expected them to. That's the funny thing about radio. Peter Sagal is short and bald and very, very funny.


pj said...

I'm so jealous!!! Is it gonna be broadcast this weekend? I will listen!

You know, I never want to call in, but I would LOVE to have Carl Kassell's voice on my answering machine.

Love Mo Rocca, too.

johnieb said...

This was the last show I quit listening to regularly; I'm not sure I'd want to put up with the hassle of calling in either, pj, but I'm glad LJ made it. I'll try to find it tomorrow; I love Paula, maybe best; I remember the first time she won, though Roy Blount, Jr. and Charlie Pierce come close.

Does Scott Simon still do Weekend Edition? Has the Bush FCC destroyed NPR news, or must I turn the volume to mute every so often while some Conservative is given respect none of them deserves?

Some of us must still take care gathering information; so much is upsetting these days, and my feelings are tender on these subjects. Maintaining Buddha mind doesn't just happen, ya know. (A little joke, as that's the only way it happens).

lj said...

PJ, yeah, listen -- this Saturday's edition is what they taped Thursday night. I guess they assume that Fridays are always slow news days.

JohnieB, I like your Buddha joke. Charlie Pierce was one of the panelists Thursday. And, you were trained as a neo-Barthian? What's that about? Do tell!

(For those of you not in the know, scroll down to the Calvin post comments).

johnieb said...

Oh, just a Disciples of Christ Seminary round 1980; I found the emphasis on WofG too confining: the praxy didn't match the ortho, nor my experience as I have figured it out. Besides, salvation is not based on orthopraxy, so TBTG, and let's "count blessins'".

I liked Paula's P.'s remarks, though I got in late; I can't remember which station is at which time--and your most charming laugh.

lj said...

So glad you like my laugh, Johnie B!

You didn't happen to be in Indianapolis at Christian Theological, did you? I was there for one semester. Took a good process theology course and a good counseling course, but don't remember the rest. The student body, as I recall, was pretty ... well, backward would be too harsh a word ... but leaning in that direction.

TBTG? Lost me there.

johnieb said...

"Thanks Be to God": TBTG.

No, but my first Professor Of Theology and Ethics went there to be Dean after being Dean and Pres at our place in Oklahoma; their daughter now teaches at Yale. Great faculty, but the place sucked (I took a NT course from Fred Craddock).

Some odd strengths: Biblical Studies and Neo-Orthodoxy, Developmental Psychology and Faith Formation, but somewhat lacking in Historical Theology and Polity; even my Systematics Prof thought my Eccelesiology was wanting improvement.

Jane R said...

I LOVE WWDTM! And due to being out of the country and out of state at multiple conferences I have missed the last three weekends or so. I'm so glad you got to see the show live. What a hoot.