Saturday, February 2, 2008

February Bullets

*Did anyone else see the very cool, star-studded video of Obama's "Yes We Can" speech before it got pulled off YouTube? And does anybody know why it's no longer available?

*I went to a Kirtan chant Friday night, a movie date with my ex Saturday night (no, we're not getting back together, but since neither of us had dates with other people and the child was at a sleep-over we figured, why not?) and an Imbolc celebration Sunday morning. I have a weird life, but I like it.

*I worked my tail off last week and it was worth it. I'm really beginning to feel like this job is mine. In spite of crazy former boss calling and cussing me out (really, I do not exaggerate) on Tuesday.

*Superbowl? What superbowl?


pj said...

Well, you had a far more interesting weekend than I did. Today would have been perfect for an Imbolc celebration here -- we had a bit of a January thaw. Sadly, I only made it to Target to buy underwear and socks for the boy.

What did you think of "The Savages?" I haven't seen it, but I love movies with grown-ups in them.

Why is your former boss still calling you, anyway???

Oh, and "what superbowl?" Heresy! Go Giants! At this moment, we're ahead, 10-7! (I really couldn't care less, but I'm a New Yorker, so...)

pj said...

Also, is this what you're looking for?

lj said...

Yes, that's it. Thanks. After I first saw it I went back searching and found it in two places with the message "This video is no longer available." Maybe that was a temporary glitch. I had developed a whole conspiracy theory about its disappearance.

lj said...

Oh, and yes I liked the Savages -- Linney and Hoffman are superb as usual -- and I know what you mean about grown-up movies. I also saw "Underdog" on DVD this week, just to keep the diversity flowing.

Diane said...

I found the video and have it on my site too.

what superbowl? oh, my husband is "kind of" watching it.

Lauralew said...

Imbolic celebration? Thanks for the link--it is something I would have liked to do! (next year...)

I've had crazy former bosses; in fact, I dreamed about one of them last night. You may quit, but they never leave.

Now, I'm going to watch that video! Thanks!

eileen said...

First of all..your old boss should STFU. Buh-bye.

Send of all..I learn about all the really, really cool practices from you.

I want to do this. I want to go to one of these things with you. Hmph!

I also like grownup movies, and the last one I saw was a long time ago. Movie I saw (for the umpteenth time) recently, Ella Enchanted.

jledmiston said...

Love the Will i Am video. Is that the one?

So is he your candidate now?

pj said...

Tag, if you feel like it.