Monday, February 25, 2008

Things I Would Blog About ...

... if I were still blogging:

1. The Obama/Clinton debates and how I almost changed my mind about who to vote for.
2. Why I've decided to home-school Luke for Sunday School.
3. The ache in my chest when I think about who I want to be in the world and how far short I find myself falling.
4. Living near my parents as an adult and what I have observed -- in them and in myself.
5. The hiking club I've joined.
6. The YMCA I've joined.
7. How much I wish my spiritual life were getting as much exercise as my body.
8. The grace I keep experiencing anyway.

Really, the last is what I would blog about daily if I could find the words. I used to get up and preach about it week after week. I tried to be authentic in my preaching and for the most part, I think I was. But the depth of both pain and grace I experienced in the implosion of my-life-as-I-knew-it over the past two years has left this raw, speechless place in me.

Maybe one day the words will come. Maybe not.


Kirstin said...

Hugs, love, and prayers. Give yourself time to heal.

Love and miss you--and I know your words will come when you need them.

more cows than people said...

and we would read. miss you too.


yes, embrace the silence.

pj said...

Why not enjoy the hikes and the physical exercise and let the grace come along any way it wants to?

Big hug.

Diane said...

oh, miss you, and just loved reading the list. when you come back, when you have words, we will be grateful to be there.

Anonymous said...

Miss your blogging too. Would love to hear about it all -