Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving

This year I traveled to Cleveland for Thanksgiving to meet my new friend's family and friends. My friend used to be in a rock band, playing lead guitar. The band-leader/song-writer was Kevin McMahon, who went on to form other bands, including one called Prick (yeah, I know). In this video he's the guy singing and swinging on the perch, wearing the black bird suit. We spent half a day in his studio, listening to old cuts from the original band and jamming. (Well, I didn't jam, I listened and bopped around a bit).

Can I just say that this is kind of different than participating in an ecumenical Thanksgiving service at a local main-line church?

(Technical difficulties prevented me from posting the video itself -- the link should work).


pj said...

My comment is divided into four parts.

1) So the second I start watching the video my son comes in. I shall have to try again in about an hour.

2) I like this picture of Kevin McMahon very much. Rrowr! No pix/video of your friend, though, huh?

3) Why is it always the ordained Presbyterian ministers who get to be one measly degree of separation from Trent Reznor, and not the longtime heathens like me?

4) All the way to Cleveland. Interesting. ;)

pj said...

Comment the second: OMG! I totally remember that song! It was the only time Prick ever made it to commercial radio -- mostly because of the Nine Inch Nails association.

I didn't realize ol' Kev was so angular-licious. :p

lauraj said...

My response is in five parts:
1. Yeah, my son came in while I was posting it and he watched and commented blandly, "That's weird. Oh, cool cat -- did you see that huge cat?"

2. No photos of the honey, but let me say this: when I met him in the weight room at the Y, there was no part of my brain that thought, "Wow, I bet that guy was a rock star at one time." Honestly, you would never, ever in a million years think it.

3. You know, it's not usually the Presbyterian ministers. Truly, this is a strange twist of fate. I was the church choir girl. And it was so bland -- just high school buddies hanging out and playing guitar for old time's sake. Sort of. Except that Kevin is incredibly hot and my man plays seriously mean guitar.

4. Yeah, it was a long ride. :)

5. Kevin will be so happy to hear you remember the song. I'll let him know. He's working on a website to sell all the old stuff, including the first band's albums. In real life he has gray hair. Which I find very attractive, btw.

pj said...

Wait a minute. You MET Kevin???


Yeah, so, tell Kevin I said hi.

Your son sounds very sensible, by the way. :)

lauraj said...

umm ... sorry I wasn't clear. when I said "his" studio, I meant Kev baby's. Hell, my dweeby friend doesn't have a fricking music studio!!!

pj said...

No, you were clear. I just confuse easily.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

He is fine, true. But that music makes my teeth hurt...and the video, well. Less said the better.

(Of course, I'm the one who ALMOST came to Barry Manilow's defense at MP's, but didn't quite dare. Promise y'all won't hate me---I can't help it! Barry was one of my first "famous people crushes"--he and Donny Osmond. ;-)

LJ--you sly devil you. After the long ride, are you two still speaking (or whatever else you're doing...)? ;-)


lauraj said...

Yes, Doxy, we are still ... speaking. ;)

lauraj said...

p.s. I've been to a Barry Manilow concert.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

You are a very good friend... ;-)

Idlewoodarian said...

Damn you know Kevin McMahon !??? I love his music soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I love his music as Lucky Pierre and as Prick. This guy is a genius, I'm so happy he's kinda coming back (at least the website).

lauraj said...

Hi Ildewoodarian -- welcome. I've met Kevin -- very nice guy, actually. I date the former guitarist from Lucky Pierre. (Also a very nice guy, if I do say so myself ... not to mention a bad-ass guitar player!)