Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday School Redux

For anyone who actually still reads this blog (that would be you, PJ), you may remember the Sunday School concerns I've had. This fall my ex decided to enroll our son in the Sunday School at the church that he has been attending for the past 2 years. This is a weird and wild post-Christian, creation spirituality church. I enjoy attending it once or twice a month and have agreed to support the boy's participation in the SS program. To give you an idea of the religious education my son is now part of, here is the teen's Christmas story performed in church recently. What can I say?

Merry Christmas, my friends.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Hey, lady!!! I always read your blog! (That's what Google Reader is for---to let me know when LJ has finally decided to speak again... ;-)

Merry Christmas, dear one. Hope you and the boy are warm and happy tonight!


Jane R said...

Hey, there are three of us who read this! PJ, Doxy, and I! Maybe there are even a few more, who knows. But we're always snooping around ;-).

Merry Christmas! That's one weird and wild church... Keep us posted!

Hugs from chilly Gboro

Lauralew said...

Hey, add me to the list! Like Dox, Google Reader keeps me informed when you write.

I loved that play, and looked at the webpage. Interesting, to say the least! Wild church--yes, but if it keeps The Boy involved, who am I to say yea or nay?

lauraj said...

Ah, bless your hearts. Well, in honor of each of you I promise to write something more interesting soon.

I had quite the Christmas Eve -- in the emergency room with my mom and dad. Dad was the problem (per usual). Mom and I finally left just before 2 a.m. although Dad had not yet been admitted (but we had spoken to the admitting doc and they had a room waiting). Son was up at 6 a.m. as predicted to open presents. After breakfast it was back to the hospital. I'm too bushed now to go into details, but prayers would be greatly, greatly appreciated. The main issue right now is an infection.

Merry Christmas!

Jane R said...

Prayers flying your way, my dear!

pj said...

From me, too, LJ! Please let us know what's happening when you can. (((You.)))

(Regarding the teen pageant, who knew that Joseph looked like The Big Lebowski? I think I'd enjoy this church, sort of.)

Lorraine said...

One more reader here -- lurker from Northern Virginia. :)

Prayers for your dad.

lauraj said...

Hey -- welcome Lorraine!

Thanks everybody. This trip to the hospital for my dad is actually a huge blessing for my mom. She's in desperate need of respite and he's in need of more care than she can give. His problems are multiple --heart, lungs, dementia, and now a severe infection in his foot. He's also blind, deaf and unable to walk.

Did I mention my mom needs some respite?

Your prayers mean the world to me. More later.

pj said...

((((((LJ & Mom))))))

Lorraine said...

Prayers for your mom. And you too. :)

lauraj said...

Thanks, Lorraine. Dad died yesterday, January 12, 2009, the day you sent your note!