Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blessed Sabbath

I started my day with my parents, having sat with my disabled father last night so that my mom could go out and enjoy the local symphony's rendition of "The Planets." Mom and I were able to walk through the canopy of extravagent mountain laurel gracing her neighborhood before she left for church. Then I headed for my sacred space: a trail through ancient trees along a spectacular stream, waters cascading over rocks older than God, their music as healing as any hymn I know. This particular trail has never failed to heal my spirit. I can enter those woods in disgrace or despair and emerge whole and free, every time. I sit on the steadfast rocks or lean against the wisdom-bearing bark until the hurt has seeped out of my skin and into the saving soil. Today was no exception. Leaving, I suddenly decided to take the long, scenic route home, winding an extra 20 miles through the mountains just because. Now, I am philosophically opposed to taking a drive as entertainment, but today my philosophy had to get in the back seat as I cranked down the windows and cranked up the music. (At least it is a Prius ...) The CD was a new mix of spiritual songs from artists like Sting and Sweet Honey and U2 and Stevie Wonder and it starts with what may be my all-time favorite hymn, though I've never heard it sung in a church. Here are Bruce Cockburn's beautiful words:

Lord of the starfields,
ancient of days,
universe maker,
here's a song in your praise.

wings of the storm cloud
beginning and end
you make my heart leap
like a banner in the wind

O Love that fires the sun
keep me burning.

Lord of the starfields
sower of life,
heaven and earth are
full of your light.

Voice of the nova
smile of the dew
all of our yearning
only comes home to you.

O Love that fires the sun
keep me burning.


pj said...

LJ, when are you gonna move in next door? My neighborhood could use a few more quality people. ;)

(You know I love this post.)

pj said...

Hey. I answered your most excellent question over at my place.

Hugs and visions and dancing to you, pal.

Ed said...

I think I could actually use that Bruce Cockburn song at my church! I'll check it out as soon as I've finished my Nine Inch Nails immersion for pj. For some reason, maybe just the rhythm and phrasing, it reminded me of the Brian Wren hymn, "God of the sparrow." Do you know that one?

lj said...

Hi Ed,
Yeah, I think it would be great in church. I just never had the right musician to pull it off. I'll see if I can link the music. I'm kind of inept at this blogging thing.

I love God of the Sparrow!