Tuesday, May 8, 2007

To Begin

When I left my last pastorate in the fall of 2004, I decided to look into this thing I'd heard about -- the virtual church. Seemed goofy to me, since church is about community, relationships, shared liturgy, shared service. Breaking bread. Together. I lurked on a site or two. Then I read an article on god-blogging in Bitch Magazine by a great blogger; lurked a little more. Started paying more attention when my friend began her beautiful blog. But it was MadPriest who helped me see that god-blogging could actually create community.

It helped that I found him right around the time my husband and I were separating after moving to a new city where neither of us had friends or jobs (what were we thinking?) and so lurking in a virtual community was often more convenient than lurking in my own new community. I felt equally an outsider in both places, but the bloggers couldn't see me blush.

So here I am. Newly single. Newly southern. Newly employed at a feminist retreat center. Newly blogging. It's kind of tiring, but it's all good. Hope to meet some more of you soon!

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Magdalene6127 said...

Great to meet you lj... welcome to the blogosphere! I see we have a bunch of favorite blogs in common.

Your newfound ministry seems absolutely exciting and wonderful. I am fairly new to the pastorate (though currently searching-- I've done all interims).

Best to you.