Thursday, May 10, 2007

Too Smart?

I want to believe that I can't be shocked any more by America's capacity for ignorance. But it's a lie. When Grandmere Mimi noted that three of the GOP candidates for President don't even believe in evolution ... well, let's just say, the bottom keeps getting lowered.

But I won't be voting in the GOP primary anyway. There's that other primary for me to worry about. What's a nice lefty gal like me to do? I gladly voted for Hillary as my senator when I lived in NY state and would again. She's a terrific senator. And too damn polarizing for president. I fell head over heels for Obama with the rest of the country. Loved his first book. Love his charisma. But let's face it, dear ones. That resume is a bit thin. I'll vote for him in 2012. Yeah, Edwards tries to be a populist and he's got a good grasp on poverty issues. But I have to admit that the pretty boy stuff bugged me even before haircut-gate.

Know who I really like? Yup, Bill Richardson. Since I don't have to go to church on Sunday mornings anymore (!), I caught him on one of the talk show rounds a few weeks back. The man is bright! And has a terrific grasp of the environmental issues. He's got the goverance piece, he's done diplomacy, he's served in Congress, he's served in the White House. Check out his hilarious new ads and see what you think.

Is America ready for someone who could actually do a terrific job, but is not the best-looking or most charismatic in the race?


Grandmère Mimi said...

LJ, I'm watching the candidates, too. Of course, I will vote for any Democrat who is chosen. This is one time I can say with absolute confidence that we could not do worse than what we have.

However, I'd like to be excited about the candidate, and so far, I'm not feeling excitement about any of them. Edwards' hair always looks limp and lame, and, for the life of me, I cannot see what he gets for his $400. No haircut is worth that much money.

I'll have a closer look at Richardson.

lj said...

Thanks for stopping by. You are so right that we can't do worse.

One candidate who could do with a $400 haircut (or at least a $40 one) is Dennis Kucinich, but at least he's got the hottest babe for a wife. Have you seen her? Lordy, mercy.

more cows than people said...

hey, thanks for the comment... i haven't been watching the growing race too closely and appreciate your thoughts.... oh for the day we elect someone fit for the job- regardless of money, charisma, good looks...

really appreciated your comment my way and glad to discover you this way!

pj said...

I voted for Kucinich in the last primary knowing full well that he wouldn't win. I might do it again, just 'cuz.

But whichever Democrat we choose had better make damned sure they come out for withdrawing from Iraq. Even if it means admitting they were wrong last time around.

lj said...

Yeah, I voted for Dean although it was one of the last primaries and he was off the radar by then, just to protest the "Now-that-he-yelled-we-know-he's-crazy" reaction.

Kucinich is smart, right about just about everything, and seems to be a genuinely good-hearted human being. Kind of like in the Richardson ads -- what makes him think that qualifies him to be president? Oy.