Thursday, June 21, 2007

Something's Not Right (and something is)

I've been noticing a sudden upswing in depression in the blogosphere and in real life. Others tell their stories. I post the tackiest Jesus things I can find.

Laughter helps me enormously and, fortunately, I have one of the funniest friends in the world. I tell her about my virtual world (which she thinks is a bit mental, but she lets it go ...) and the depression I'm noticing and she says, "Yeah, something's not right in the universe. Mother Earth is speaking to us. War, famine, meanness, Republicans ..." And after a few minutes we're both splitting our sides with laughter over nothing in particular. Just two single 40-something moms with nothing else to do but talk to each other at 11:00 p.m. (Well, we could be cleaning house, but as I've confessed elsewhere, I don't get the cleaning manias. Dammit!)

So tonight, a shout out to my friend. Too bad she lives 465.78 miles away.


pj said...

I just got a good laugh from Prince Charles' knees, so thanks!

eileen said...

I think it's the beginning of the summer blues. All this nice weather and we have to WORK.

It ain't right.

And, if I was home, I wouldn't be cleaning either! LMAO

lj said...

Yes, PJ, but isn't there something refreshing about a grown man -- and not any grown man, but a man with international recognition and power -- willing to wear a skirt in public?

I just can't see it happening in the good ol' U.S. of A.

pj said...

Oh yes, LJ. I'm all about kilts.

And sure it happens in the USA! All the cops and firefighters in New York have ceremonial kilts.

lj said...

I don't usually have a thing for men in uniforms but firefighters in kilts .... hmmm. When's the next parade?

Jane R said...

This is really weird. I had a dream about MadPriest last night (no, that is not a regular occurrence) and he was wearing a kilt! We were headed to the local tavern to drink Scotch (which I drink only about once every three years and he probably doesn't drink). !!

lj said...

Did he look like the little devilish -- horned and goateed -- priest on his sidebar?

I seem to remember from a beverage thread that he finds scotch disgusting. Personally, I only drink it about once every three days.

I dunno, Jane ... dreaming about the Mad One ...

pj said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Jane.

Very interesting.

Very interesting indeed.

Was he cute?

pj said...

And to answer your question, LJ, there's always been a Hibernian thang going on with NY's Finest and Bravest. In the suburbs, too. I'm not really attracted to cops and firemen, but my inner Celtic Woman enjoys the bare legs. ;)