Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good Therapy

When in despair, turn to nature. (And God, of course, and the two are well connected, as we know). This afternoon I packed a picnic, then son and I headed out into the nearby wilderness to sit and watch an elk herd. Old guys with huge racks, young studs with sharp spikes, cows, calves, adolescent elk. The whole elk gamut. Wonderfully funny-looking creatures on their spindly legs, they nonetheless appeared majestic roaming across a verdant valley as the sun set over the world's oldest mountains. Son called it "an elkstravaganza".

If you've never heard an elk bugle, put it on your list of things to do. Good night, all.


pj said...

Elkstravaganza! I love it!!!

(Nice rack on the guy in the picture, by the way.)


Lauralew said...

In the Black Hills where I live, one can hear the elks bugling during the night if one leaves the windows open. Way cool. You are so right.

lj said...

Welcome, Lauralew. Very cool!