Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Would you like some fries with that?

With thanks to Mompriest.


Diane said...

Hey! I think we're going to see a lot of this one.

pj said...

Well, it's a good thing they stuck "Trinity" in there, otherwise it would be FUCCUSA.

The part with the harassed mommy was the best.

johnieb said...

Nothin for old farts: hmmmph!


lj said...

That could be the next car: an old fart complaining that these new "blended" services have nothing for the old farts! No old hymns or old prayers from the old prayer-book, too many squirmy kids in worship, young adults who don't know how to dress appropriately for worship, not enough dignity in the clergy, etc.
Whadya think?

johnieb said...

Where do we shoot?

lj said...

Well, I won't make the NYC gathering, but maybe in that auspicious group there is the talent to film, direct, etc. Clearly, you would be the star of the segment.

johnieb said...

I demand a veto on my presence!


"Poke with a stick, Nigel, and see."