Sunday, October 5, 2008

Barack the Vote!

I just spent a blistering hot October afternoon standing in the sun shoulder to shoulder with thousands of other people to hear the next president of the United States.  He's here in Asheville preparing for the next debate.   Today he focused almost exclusively on health care.   As always, he was brilliant, funny, nuanced (imagine that!) and uplifting.  All about who we can be as a people -- imagining our most decent and gracious selves as a nation.   I love that message.   (He did, however, get a couple of little sideways jabs at Gov. Palin.)

Michelle spoke here a few months ago and I went to that with my son, as well (yes, he had to stand for hours in the sun and crowd with me today, as well as then, to witness history).   Her speech was actually the better of the two -- she is an astounding woman.    She would make a great president herself, but I can't imagine a more wonderful first lady.   

Today was the most diverse crowd I've been a part of since moving to Asheville more than two years ago.  It feels so good to be coming together as a community, as a nation.  And come together we will, because we must.  Too much is at stake.   For our children and for our world.   This is a pivotal moment in our nation's history and we have to get it right this time. 

North Carolina is going blue -- can I get a witness?   


Jane R said...


Your NC neighbor to the East

pj said...

Amen! -- Your NY neighbor to the North.

I'm jealous. Presidential candidates never come here. My state is a foregone conclusion.

I love that picture, by the way. What a beautiful family. :)

Diane said...

oh, I pray so... from MN... where we are light blue right now.

lj said...

Jane -- how's the feeling in G'boro? I realize you're in a bit of an enclave there among the Quakers ...

PJ -- they are gorgeous, aren't they? It is exciting to be in a state that's up for grabs, but with a good possibility of going democratic. And then maybe we'll even get rid of Liddy Dole. (The candidate running against her, Kay Hagan, is holding ruby slipper parties to send Dole back to Kansas).

Diane -- only light blue? I count on Minnesota to be the bluest midwestern state.

Hey -- thanks for finding me again, friends!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Honey, I did my part this weekend! Dear Friend, the kids, Jasper, and I went knocking on doors yesterday. We were out trying to encourage those who are expected to Go Blue to be sure and vote---but we got some excited folks who weren't on our list. And the news that they could vote early--including on Saturdays--was a big hit. I predict we turned out a couple of extra votes as a result.

I don't dare consider that we might win. All I can do at this point is keep praying--and knocking on some more doors.

lj said...

Good for you, Doxy! But I want to challenge your "not daring" bit. We don't dare consider that he WON"T win. As I heard Spike Lee say recently in an interview, after he had said that Obama winning would be like all the holidays rolled up in one for him and the interviewer pushed him on what it would be like if he loses, "I can't consider that possibility. He will win. Thinking of anything else is not an option. It's like a tight rope walker over a chasm -- they can't let the possibility of falling enter their mind-- they just focus on taking the steps to stay on the wire and get to the other side."

lj said...

p.s. About the excitement you experienced, Dox -- that was the crowd yesterday. An estimated 28,000 people (in a town of 70,000 -- and most of my friends did not go in spite of being huge supporters) sweating it out on our feet for 6 or more hours -- and no complaints. Everybody was just happy and full of life and friendly and talkative -- more excited by a political campaign than we've ever been before. I heard several (somewhat) older members of the crowd compare it to seeing JFK or Bobby Kennedy in the 60s.

And let me say again -- good for you for knocking on doors! Let's all follow Doxy's example!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

It's like a tight rope walker over a chasm -- they can't let the possibility of falling enter their mind-- they just focus on taking the steps to stay on the wire and get to the other side."

That's actually where I'm coming from. Keep your eyes on the goal and keep walking...

pj said...

Hey LJ! I saw pictures from the Asheville rally -- wow! Nice crowd!!!

Doxy, good work. I haven't done a darn thing yet (other than piddly donations) but I think I'll do some phonebanking. (Calling the swing-states! Calling the swing-states! This is New York, do you copy?)


lj said...

Yeah,there are some great photos going around. It was a good day in the mountains!

I hear you, Doxy. I'm going out this weekend and maybe the next two as well and then taking off election day to help get people to the polls.

Early voting starts Oct. 16 here. Vote early wherever you are!

ian said...

Great post and great picture of the First Family! So much more natural and at ease than the surreal posings of the Palin family.

I was looking for a way to contact you directly - I wanted to share my music video with you - I think you might like it. "What Kind of Amazing Grace?" on Youtube and at


Oh, and this whole crisis thing? It's an opportunity for the restoration of community, and the transformation of the planet. Change is going to happen, right? The only question is what do we want it to look like?

lj said...

Welcome Ian! Gorgeous video and song -- haunting statistics to go with it. Thank you for sharing. Hey, y'all, go look at Ian's stuff and take a listen.