Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Good Weekend

Saturday began with me getting in line before the polls opened to vote. The lines were already long when I arrived and were still long when I left -- lots of excitement in the room. That afternoon and evening, my son and I joined our local hiking meetup to make one of my favorite climbs. This was the view when we arrived. We stayed until the sun set. Hurrying down the 3.5 mile trail in the dark was a little creepy, but worth it.

And then tonight -- Sunday -- I went to a free James Taylor concert for Obama. Taylor is a Carolina native and is doing free concerts across the state this week to rally for Obama since we are one of the key battleground states. Additionally, I got to bring along my first real boss, a pastor I worked with in inner-city Indianapolis 20 years ago. He's in town for a conference, so we had dinner together and then went to the concert. His daughter (4 at the time I worked with him!) is now the Obama campaign coordinator for Indianapolis. It was the first time I had seen him in years, but we picked up like old friends.

This is what I call a good weekend. How was yours?


Diane said...

my weekend was good, but not as great as yours!

pj said...

Hey, is that your son in the top picture? And are you aware that you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth? And did you ever think NC would be a swingstate?!!?

We went to a Fall Festival at a local nature preserve last Saturday. My son loved it. He got to do a bunch of outdoorsy crafts and scramble up rocky trails. And have a hot dog for lunch, too. What could be better? I got a very friendly response to my Obama/Biden button that day. But at a nature preserve in NY, that's not too surprising.


lj said...

That's the boy. And yes, I'm aware of the beauty here. I was with a hiking group and several of us kept stating something along the lines of "Wow -- and I live here!" as we ooohed and ahhhed about the fabulous views.

Really, the swing state thing is very exciting. I can't go anywhere that the election doesn't very quickly become the topic of conversation. Palin is in town tomorrow and I here tell that large protests are expected. I don't plan to attend.

lj said...

... that would be "hear"

Jane R said...

Oh, that sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend. I miss the mountains -- haven't been up there in too long. Didn't get there during fall break this year. Maybe in December... So glad you had such a lovely weekend. And a free J.T. concert!

pj said...

I finally got the bright idea to click on your pictures...duh! Your young man is looking very hip and handsome! Cool hair. :)